Understanding the spectrum of CBD products

Not all CBD products are the same and the differences may be the reason why one product works for you and others do not. Each product should contain CBD and the label should say how much CBD (in mg) is present for each dose. If a product ONLY contains CBD and no other compounds from the hemp plant, this product is made with what is called CBD isolate. Isolate refers to a single molecule isolated from the plant. The CBD is removed from Hemp oil and then incorporated into a product.

One benefit of CBD isolate is that it is predictable. If you purchase products from companies that use CBD isolate, it leads to a more predictable experience. One limitation is that the product will be lacking the diversity of different active ingredients found in the hemp plant other than the well-known CBD. There is mounting evidence that other molecules in the hemp plant can have additional benefits when used in combination rather than in isolation. There is enough evidence for these benefits that there is a theory called the entourage effect which essentially states that the sum of the parts is greater than the whole.

Many people benefit from other forms of CBD products such as broad spectrum or full spectrum hemp products. Full spectrum means the product contains all (or the vast majority) of the compounds from the Hemp plant, which can include over 400 unique molecules. Broad spectrum is similar to full spectrum except it does not contain any THC, whereas full spectrum CBD products can have up to 0.3% THC.

It’s important to remember that if a CBD product is made from broad or full spectrum and contains a large diversity of active ingredients, it will still contain significant amounts of CBD. The hemp plant produces more CBD than many of the other molecules in the plant because it is bred to do so!

A new type of CBD product contains a unique spectrum of active ingredients which are extracted from hemp smoke rather than from the raw flower. The high heat transforms CBD and other cannabinoids into a combination of new active ingredients; This is called the Smokenol™ spectrum.

Products made with the Smokenol Spectrum have displayed unique effects compared to other CBD products.

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