Extra Strength Roll-On hemp smoke extract (1/3 fl oz)


Our 1/3 fl oz Extra Strength Roll On contains 500 mg of Smokenol Day™ hemp smoke extract suspended in Jojoba oil. See the cannabinoid profile in the product’s Certificate of Analysis.


See the description section below for instruction for use.



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Our 1/3 oz. Extra Strength Roll On contains 500 mg of Smokenol Day hemp smoke extract including CBD, CBT, CBN and rare and minor cannabinoids (over 4 times the concentration of our regular strength topicals). See the cannabinoid profile in the product’s Certificate of Analysis.


INGREDIENTS: Jojoba oil, Smokenol Day™ distilled hemp smoke extract, bergamot essential oil.

* Do not use if allergic to Jojoba oil.



Not intended for use in the immediate eye area. Do not apply to open wounds. Not intended for ingestion. Store in cool location. Keep out of direct sunlight.


Our extra strength roll-on uses a small roller ball to dispense a liquid oil to smaller areas. Press lightly – “less is more.”


Rub the oil onto desired area (hands, joints, muscles, temples, etc.). Reapply in 30 minutes (or after it dries) and then as necessary throughout the day. Reduce or increase the frequency and quantity used based on your experience. For some purposes you may feel benefits within 10-40 minutes.  For others, you may need to apply it daily for 5-10 days.


Contains THC (less than 0.3%) which may be detected by a workplace drug test.


Licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Agriculture (#25220200P). All products are tested by independent labs.

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