More on heat transformation of CBD

A poster prepared for the International Cannabinoid Research Society 2021 by Real Isolates founders Dr. Miyabe Shields and Andrew Westerkamp, described the transformation by heat of CBD isolate (over 98% pure CBD) into over 18 measurable compounds, some well-known, some rare, and others not well known at all.

In their experiments, CBD isolate was subjected to temperatures between 300 and 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit. The Real Isolates Smokenol™ method was used to extract cannabinoids from the smoke generated.

[The boiling point of cannabinoids is between 315 – 428 degrees and they ‘vaporize’, along with other compounds, when the hemp combusts.]

Smokenol - heat transformed CBD, CBND, CBN, CBG from Hemp for pain, sleep, anxiety, arthritis

In other experiments, ground hemp was combusted at different temperatures and the cannabinoid profile of the smoke was compared to the cannabinoid profile of the hemp. The results showed that the ratios of cannabinoids were different, and that there were cannabinoids (and suspected cannabinoids) found in the smoke that were not in the ground hemp (subject to the precision of the equipment).


Not surprisingly, they also found that the amount of heat significantly influences the degree of transformation. A typical method of ‘smoking’ subjects hemp to various temperatures; up to 1,600 degree at the burning tip and at rapidly decreasing (yet still high) temperatures as the smoke is drawn through the non-combusted hemp. This creates the opportunity for a substantially different cannabinoid composition of hemp smoke compared to the ‘raw’ hemp plant.

When you use conventional hemp topicals and tinctures you avoid many of the negative health consequences of smoking. However, they won’t contain the more diverse profile of hemp smoke. That’s because their extraction methods use low temperatures to prevent ‘degradation’ of the cannabinoids. Their goal is to mirror the cannabinoid profile of the ‘raw’ plant.

The Smokenol™ extraction method harvests cannabinoids from smoke while leaving behind undesirable compounds. Products made with Smokenol provide the rich diversity of cannabinoids in smoke with safer consumption methods.

Smokenol – “We smoked it for you.”™

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