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Have you tried other CBD products?

Profound naturals CBD products contain unique active ingredients that no other products have. They are made using a patent-pending extraction process that produces and captures additional compounds which expand the potential applications compared to products with CBD alone. Because of the unique and unexplored nature of these products, Profound Naturals implemented a pilot survey to discover how people were reacting to these products compared to other CBD products.

Of the people surveyed, 97% of participants had tried CBD purchased from other companies in the past, and 79% of people said that Profound Naturals products felt different compared to the other CBD products.

Profound Naturals CBD Hemp Smoke Extract made with Smokenol extraction for sleep, pain, anxiety

Profound Naturals products feel different because they are different. Not only do the tinctures and topicals contain CBD that can help with a myriad of issues, but these products also contain a variety of rare and minor compounds that are only produced through our patent-pending extraction process.



Customers continue to rave that Profound Naturals works better and is more effective, and this is likely due to the unique chemistry of our extract.

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