What are Topicals? How Can They Work Better?

Topical products are products that are applied directly to the skin like a body butter, lotion, salve, gel, or cream. When applied to the affected area, the active ingredients in the topical products are absorbed into the skin and do not pass into the bloodstream. This is different from transdermal

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Profound Naturals CBD Hemp Smoke Extract made with Smokenol extraction for sleep, pain, anxiety

Have you tried other CBD products?

Profound naturals CBD products contain unique active ingredients that no other products have. They are made using a patent-pending extraction process that produces and captures additional compounds which expand the potential applications compared to products with CBD alone. Because of the unique and unexplored nature of these products, Profound Naturals

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How CBD works: Receptors make you feel things

To survive, every living organism needs a way to communicate within itself in order to regulate and respond to internal and external changes.   Receptors are what makes this possible. Receptors are microscopic units that are on the outside and inside of every cell in the body. They are tiny

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Smokenol - heat transformed CBD, CBND, CBN, CBG from Hemp for pain, sleep, anxiety, arthritis

More on heat transformation of CBD

A poster prepared for the International Cannabinoid Research Society 2021 by Real Isolates founders Dr. Miyabe Shields and Andrew Westerkamp, described the transformation by heat of CBD isolate (over 98% pure CBD) into over 18 measurable compounds, some well-known, some rare, and others not well known at all. In their

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High Heat Transforms CBD

CBD products such as topical creams and tinctures contain hemp-derived CBD and sometime other cannabinoids such as CBG and CBN. Cannabinoids occur naturally in hemp. Individually and in concert, they have documented effects on the brain and body. (See our post on cannabinoids for more information). Before being incorporated into products,

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What is ‘Hemp’?

The short answer: ‘hemp’ is a federally legal variety of cannabis that does not get you high. Hemp is a variety of the plant Cannabis sativa. There are many varieties of cannabis, and they can have very different attributes. “Industrial” hemp plants can be short and bushy or very tall.

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