Hemp Smoke Extract Tincture by Profound Naturals (30 mL)


Our 30 mL tincture contains 750 mg of Smokenol Day™ hemp smoke extract including rare and minor cannabinoids – some only found in smoke. See the cannabinoid and terpene profile in the product’s Certificate of Analysis.


See the description section below for dosing suggestions.


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Our 30 mL tincture contains 750 mg of Smokenol Day hemp smoke extract including CBD, CBT, CBN and rare and minor cannabinoids – some only found in smokeSee the cannabinoid and terpene profile in the product’s Certificate of Analysis.


INGREDIENTS: Unrefined organic hemp seed oil, MCT oil*, Smokenol Day distilled hemp smoke extract. 

* contains tree nuts


Suggested dose is 1mL (one dropper full) twice per day or as needed (see the markings on the dropper). Because everyone’s body is different, you may require more or less. We suggest you start with 1 mL and increase or decrease the amount until you achieve the desired effects. For some purposes you may feel benefits within 20-60 minutes.  For others, you may need to apply it daily for 5-10 days.

May be applied topically. Not intended for use in the immediate eye area. Do not apply to open wounds. Store in cool location. Keep out of direct sunlight.

The certificate of analysis for this product may indicate that there is no detectable THC. This is subject to the sensitivity of their instruments. Theoretically, there may be very small quantities of THC which may be detected by a workplace drug test.

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